Yamaha Clarinet / Oboe Thumb Rest Cushion



DR TOOT presents the YAMAHA Thumb Rest Cushion for Clarinet and Oboe.

The thumb rest cushion easily attaches to clarinet and oboe thumb rests reducing stress on the player’s thumb.

– The cushion is made from silicone rubber which will not harm a silver or lacquer finished thumb rest

– This cushion fits both fixed and adjustable thumb rests

– Works best for thumb rests between 13 and 15 mm deep

Your right thumb works hard to hold up and stabilize your clarinet.

Add a little extra convenience with the Yamaha Thumb Rest Cushion!

This specially contoured shape provides the ultimate comfort for your thumb.

Clarinetists and Oboists also like how it relieves pain by providing extra padding and support.

If you notice your hand getting sore after play sessions, then this simple accessory is just for you!

Note: This design may not fit correctly if your clarinet has an adjustable or oversized thumb rest. If you have any questions, please contact us!


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