Our Brand New Instruments

The following brand new instruments are available from DR TOOT:

  • FLUTE: Briccialdi Flutes, Miyazawa Flutes, TWG
  • CLARINET: Henri Selmer Paris, Backun Musical Services
  • SAXOPHONE: Henri Selmer Paris, Chateau
  • BASOON: Takeda Bassoon
  • TUBA: Miraphone

All instruments come with case, mouthpiece, and basic accessories
All instruments are checked over, set up and tested


One year service check by DR TOOT
Each manufacture warranty


Briccialdi Flutes

The company was founded in 2007 by Marco Maida in Italy. Since 2017, we have been importing their flutes from Italy directly. 100% made in Italy. The Student Model 203 and the Intermediate Model 1849 have been very popular.

Miyazawa Flutes

The company, Miyazawa Flutes was founded in 1969 by Masashi Miyazawa. It is a well-known company for producing hand crafted professional flutes. Their instruments are distributed worldwide and played by professional players around the world.

TWG Flutes

TWG Flutes are designed in Sydney, Australia by Mark O’Connor (Owner | Technician at Flute Tree) and constructed in their selected factory in Taiwan. Mark regularly makes improvements to the design of the instrument, resulting in a reliable and robust instrument with a lovely rich tone.

Backun Musical Services

The company based in Canada was founded in 2000 by Morrie Backun, who was Sean aka DR TOOT’s ex-boss in Canada. Backun clarinets are always considered top 3 clarinets in the world. Their clarinets are played by top professional players around the world.

Henri Selmer Paris

Needless to say, it is a very famous company for professional clarinets and saxophones. Founded in France by Henri Selmer in 1855. Their instruments have been adored and played by well-known players around the world. The high quality instruments and “the Selmer sounds” continues to attract from young to mature musicians. We are the New Zealand Distributor and have been importing from Selmer Paris directly since 2013.


The Chateau saxophones are made by Tenon (Based in Taiwan) which was founded in 1979. Since then, they have been producing saxophones for other major companies around the world. In 1999, their own brand, Chateau was born. We have been importing their saxophones since 2020. From Advanced student model to hand-crafted professional model saxophones are available from DR TOOT.

Takeda Bassoon

Takeda Bassoon was born with the passion of a professional bassoonist, Yuhiko Takeda, Tokyo, Japan. All their products are designed and completed each one carefully in Japan, with quality materials. The selection, carving, processing, and assembling of the wood materials are all conducted by the hands of craftsmen who have proficient skills.


Best American Craftsmen (BAC) was created by Mike Corrigan in 2004, who was an instrument repairer and has always had a very big passion for music and building instruments. The company is in Kansas City, USA, and all the instruments come from there to our doorstep. The team is formed by very highly skilled craftsmen and they do customisations on brass instruments, which they are famous for.


Miraphone was founded in 1946. With the development and production of brass instruments in Waldkraiburg. They continue the tradition, experience and masterful craftsmanship of their founding fathers from Graslitz. The tradition-rich knowledge and experience of more than 100 years has been combined with the contemporary assistance of modern technology. Many of their hand craftsmen are themselves passionate musicians, adhering to very high standards and requirements. Sean aka DR TOOT has been playing the Miraphone tubas since 1975 and he currently plays the New Yorker CC tuba.
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