Q: Are you open today or will someone be there ?

A: We are open Monday to Friday, from 9.00am to 5.00pm. Saturdays by appointment only. We are closed on Sundays and public holidays.

Q: Do you sell parts for repairing musical instruments, e.g. pads, corks…etc. ?

A: No, we don’t.

Q: Do you repair instrument cases ?

A: No, we don’t. However, we can arrange it for you depending on what the case requires.

Q: Do you send any instruments or mouthpieces for trial ?

A: Unfortunately, we do not send any instruments or mouthpieces away for any trials. You are more than welcome to come here to try them.

Q: Do you buy any secondhand brass and woodwind instruments ?

A: Yes, we do. It depends on the instrument maker, model, condition and your asking price. If you are thinking to sell your instrument, please feel free to contact us.

Q: Do you sell an instrument on behalf ?

A: Case by case – Please contact us.

Q: Can you find an instrument for me as I can't find it on your website ?

A: Yes, we can. Please tell us what you are looking for, e.g. instrument preference, maker, model, budget…etc. We will do our best to find one for you.

Q: Do you trade in ?

A: Yes, we do. All depends on your instrument’s condition, maker and model, and if you are happy with our trade in offer, you can get an instrument from us.

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