NEOTECH Brass Wrap for Trumpet


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DR TOOT presents a NEOTECH Brass Wrap for Trumpet.

Meet your new favorite accessory you never knew you needed – or maybe even existed. The Neotech™ Brass Wrap -Trumpet is the perfect addition for those in marching bands or performers playing long gigs. The stretchy but cushioning neoprene body fits snugly on the instrument and stays securely attached via a hook and loop fastener. The wrap adds a comfortable grip for improved handling and also protects the instrument’s finish from moisture and oils from your skin. You’ll soon wonder how you ever went without it.


  • Fits most Trumpets/Cornets
  • Ultra-comfortable padding improves handling and protects finish
  • Non-slip backing keeps grip firmly in place
  • Stretches to fit your instrument, creating a custom feel
  • Snap fasteners allow for quick on-and-off
  • Insulates your hand in both hot and cold weather
  • Made in the USA


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