Korg Tuner Metronome TM60-BK


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DR TOOT presents a brand new Korg Combo Tuner Metronome Chromatic TM-60 (Black).

This is very popular and one of the best seller metronome all over the world.


– Tuner and metronome can be used simultaneously or independently. You can practice your pitch and rhythm at the same time

– Highly responsive LCD needle-type meter

– Sound Back function generates the reference tone that’s closest to the input sound, while the meter indicates the pitch discrepancy between the reference and the input sound

– Wide detection range from C1 to C8

– Sound Out function produces a reference tone in a three-octave range from the built-in speaker

The TM-60 can be placed on a nearby music stand, making it ideal for orchestral or brass band instruments.

Batteries included


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