BAC ‘Artist’ Professional PORTLAND Trumpet


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DR TOOT Brass & Woodwind Specialist presents the BAC ‘Artist’ Professional PORTLAND Trumpet by Best American Craftsman in Kansas City, USA.

“Master your instrument, master your music and then forget all that and just play.” – Charlie Parker

The B.A.C. Artist Series instruments were inspired after years of developing our Custom hand-made instruments. Designed by B.A.C. craftsmen, and produced for us by a partner facility overseas, the objective for this value-conscious professional line was to provide musicians the opportunity to experience our unique approach to design. With stunning aesthetic features, intelligent design and high-quality deluxe cases, these instruments have quickly become preferred and recommended by professionals across the industry.

The Portland Trumpet features a gold brass bell which produces a warm centered sound. Ideal for the all round and jazz musicians.


  • .460” Bore
  • Satin Combo Finish
  • D Style Main Tuning Slide Dual Radius
  • Lightweight Lacquer
  • Heavy Weight Caps
  • Hand Engraved Bell
  • Deluxe Case

Warranty: One year warranty by BAC as written on their warranty card

Comes with a Deluxe Case with back pack straps, Mouthpiece 5C, Yamaha tuning slide grease, Yamaha valve oil and a cleaning cloth.

SN: B23G00723
SN: B23G00718
SN: B23G00721

1 review for BAC 'Artist' Professional PORTLAND Trumpet

  1. Michael Russell

    I had a lengthy conversation with Sean before making the decision to get myself a BAC Portland model trumpet. This after watching a few clips and reading a couple of reviews. I am so glad I decided to get this horn. Thank you, Sean and the team at Dr Toot for your amazing service and speedy delivery, and thank you to Mike and your team at BAC for making such a splendid instrument. I have had three days of blowing this horn now and love it to bits. It is so responsive and so full I am amazed.
    Whether playing soft or screaming down the house it just provides so much. With a 3C mouthpiece in it has so much comfort throughout the range that from peddle notes to high register stuff, it just makes it feel effortless. I don’t want to try any of your other horns because I know I would want them too.

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