Yamaha Microfibre Cleaning Swab for Baritone Sax


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DR TOOT presents a brand new Yamaha microfiber cleaning swab for baritone saxophones.

Now a cleaning swab for baritone saxes is available !!!

This swab is designed for cleaning moisture and dirt from the upper bow, bow and main section of baritone saxophones.  Not for use on the neck section (for neck, size S is available)

The swab is designed with a guide that enables the tip to move freely at any angle which, combined with the flexible wire, allows the swab to pass around bends and over uneven surfaces in the instrument for easy cleaning.

The swab’s cloth section incorporates an inner pad that is both highly absorbent and flexible allowing it to fit in all areas inside the instrument to clean out moisture and grime effectively.
The flexible wire can be removed from the swab for cleaning.

Made in Japan
Length: 60cm

NB: Please read the enclosed instructions carefully before cleaning.


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