Yamaha Bore Oil 40ml


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DR TOOT presents a brand new Yamaha Bore Oil. 

This bore oil is suitable for clarinets, oboes, flutes and piccolos which are made from Grenadilla wood.

If the bore (interior surface) gets a very dull, dry look, careful application of bore oil can help seal the wood to prevent excessive moisture absorption-another potential cause of cracking. 

Apply only a few drops of this Yamaha Bore Oil on a swab or a turkey feather (used only for this purpose) and draw it through the joint, repeating the process until the bore has a uniform sheen but is not overly wet. 

Open any closed keys and blow a focused air stream into all tone holes to blow out any excess lint. This treatment can be done a couple of times in a six month period, and then once or twice a year if needed. 

We use the Yamaha bore oil for all wooden musical instruments at our repair workshop.

Made in Japan

Size: 40ml 


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