Silverstein Alta Ambipoly Bb Clarinet Synthetic Reed



DR TOOT presents the Silverstein Alta Ambipoly Bb Clarinet Synthetic Reed.

Alta Ambipoly is the perfect reed choice for players already comfortable playing a synthetic reed. Ideal for the soloist, orchestral or jazz player because it produces quick response with minimal effort. This reed is full of a vibrant, colorful sonority with less “cover” resulting in a more direct, clear and up-front sound.

Alta plays with an equal projection to other reeds but also with a larger volume. Importantly, it has a depth and complexity of tonal colors that affords the clarinetist interesting timbral choices.

The altissimo has been re-engineered, up to fourth-octave altissimo C, and competes with any reed on the market for clarity, response and intonation. With a high degree of flexibility, it will respond in a robust manner to increases of intensity. Similarly, the reed’s greater dynamic range reduces to a clear whisper with minimal reed noise.

About the material:

  • Concert-ready warm and round sound with immediate response and clarity
  • Feels and plays like cane, not strange plastic
  • Rich harmonics over a full dynamic range
  • Clear altissimo
  • Secure articulation and intonation
  • Stable to temperature, humidity and altitude variation
  • Guaranteed consistency that does not gradually degrade with use
  • Absorbs and retains water for harmonic coherence
  • Perfectly customizable with your favorite reed tool
  • Mouth Safe synthetic material
  • Expected lifespan: 12+ months
  • Never splinters, no micro cracks


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