Selmer Paris Soprano Sax Mpc Concept


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DR TOOT present a brand new Henri Selmer Paris Concept soprano sax mouthpiece.

With the release of the alto saxophone mouthpiece the Concept range has quickly established itself as a new benchmark. Henri Selmer Paris is expanding the Concept family and is unveiling the new Concept mouthpiece for soprano saxophone.

Ease of response, with a round and rich sound, the Soprano Concept mouthpiece is characterized by its exterior design, which is above all for the comfort of the musician. The mouth is wider than that of a traditional soprano mouthpiece, this makes switching between instruments (alto/soprano) much easier.

Acoustic advances combined with improved ergonomics, serving the musician and the music.

Made in France

Chamber: Round Chamber
Opening/Table Length (mm): 1.06mm/21mm  (one size only)
Material: Ebonite (Vulcanized rubber)


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