Selmer Paris Bb/A Clarinet Mouthpiece (Echo)


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Echo is the first clarinet mouthpiece Henri SELMER Paris has
made entirely on a digital machine, giving it unprecedented production

Developed in close collaboration with leading experts, the
Echo mouthpiece is universal making it suitable for all clarinetists. With a
round and colourful sound combined with extreme ease of play, it allows
musicians to forget their instrument and focus entirely on the music.

Henri SELMER Paris’s Research and Development team worked
closely with internationally renowned clarinettists, Philippe Berrod and Jérôme
Verhaeghe, to develop this clarinet mouthpiece.

– The new Echo mouthpiece is a resounding success!
Combining playing comfort, a richness of tone that is never harsh and accurate
sound emission…a pleasure to play it for demanding ears.

Philippe Berrod, Orchestre de Paris

– According to a conductor, the Bb Echo mouthpiece gives
me a ‘luminous’ sound. Homogeneity and flexibility of play are of unparalleled
comfort. I can play Wagner at the Paris Opera without getting tired while also
maintaining excellent sound quality.

Jérôme Verhaeghe, Orchestre de l’Opéra de Paris

The sound is easily adjustable, and the ratios between
the registers have been finely balanced. Due to the small step positioned at
the exit of the bore, this mouthpiece offers good projection. The throat tones
are also incredibly stable.

Made in France

Table Opening: 1.08mm

Table Length: 22mm

Material: Hard Rubber

Chamber: Trapezoidal

Pitch: 440 to 442 Hz

Click here to view and enjoy the video by Henri Selmer Paris !


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