Selmer Paris Bb/A Clarinet Mouthpiece (Concept)


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DR TOOT present a brand new Selmer Paris Concept Bb/A Clarinet Mouthpiece.

In 1885, Henri Selmer Paris began its business designing and manufacturing Bb clarinet mouthpieces.

After an intense Research and Development effort, Henri Selmer Paris is completely renewing its mouthpiece range for Bb clarinet, introducing two new models adapted to the esthetic of today’s clarinetists – Focus and Concept.

The new throat design brings greater focus to the air flow, allowing greater density of sound and an expansion of the array of timbres.

Concept: opening 1.10 mm | table length 23 mm
All while preserving the facility of sound emission, its larger opening favors a breadth of sound throughout the registers, allowing a greater sound projection.

Made in France


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