Selmer Paris Axos Tenor Saxophone


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Since its release in 2015, the Axos alto saxophone has
established itself as a must-have model in its price range. It didn’t take long
for the market to express the desire to see the Axos family expand with the
arrival of a tenor to complete the range.

Built in a spirit of great accessibility for the
saxophonist, the extension of the alto to the tenor came naturally. The
development has enabled a particularly meticulous aesthetic to be redefined
through a specific lacquer and engraving, which also benefits the “second
generation” Axos  alto. PURPOSE AND
DEVELOPMENT Axos, tenor saxophone.

Designed and manufactured in their workshops in Mantes-la-Ville,
the care taken in the manufacture of the Axos tenor by their craftsmen shows  the  same
level  of  demand
and  know-how as its predecessors.

As  an  entry-level
professional  saxophone,  it
has  the  same qualities  of
great  flexibility,  accuracy
and  projection  as  the
other Henri SELMER Paris saxophones. Its
great  ease  of
playing  and  rich
timbre  make  it
an  ideal instrument to
“tame” the tenor, whatever the level of playing. The simplified neck
fitting and the special pads amplify this ease of response. The  fingers
rest  naturally  on  its  strong,
durable,  and ergonomically
comfortable keywork. The warm lacquer shade and the finesse of its engraving
are the hallmarks of a great tenor.

The saxophone has been checked, set up and tested by our
qualified repairer, Taka.

Please visit the following link to listen to the sounds:

Made in France


Key:  Bb

Range:  Low Bb /
High F#

Leather pads with metal resonators

Thumb rests in synthetic material

Lightweight neck receiver

Lyra holder soldered to the body

Exclusive Axos ‘S’ neck key

New exclusive Axos engraving

New exclusive Axos gold lacquer

Comes with Axos Light Case, Selmer Paris S80C* mouthpiece
with ligature & cap, Selmer Paris strap, Selmer Paris cleaning swab, DR
TOOT cleaning cloth and one box of Selmer Paris reeds.


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