Rovner PLATINUM Ligature & Cap for Clarinet



DR TOOT presents now in our stock the Rovner PLATINUM Series Ligature with cap for Clarinets.

A Performance-Enhancing “Next Generation” Model

A Mass Loaded™ Resonating Ribs™ Ligature


  • Pure, moderately dark tone…ringing and bell-like
  • Effortlessly played, with an incredible evenness of scale, smoothing out the difficult transitions between registers
  • Superior control, for a secure, centered tone and flawless intonation
  • Bolsters and solidifies the lower register for both clarinets and saxophones.
  • Enhanced facility and response
  • Superior reed-gripping capabilities, especially advantageous for synthetic reeds
  • Durably constructed of highly-tempered, impeccably-polished, space-age metal alloy, the Platinum is as beautiful as a piece of fine jewelry
  • Includes a Rovner® cap
  • Made in the USA!

Who Plays It? – The incredible Platinum, Rovner’s first all-metal ligature, is for any player seeking the ultimate in tonal purity and clarity. Initially preferred by classical players for its pleasing tonal characteristics, the Platinum is also enjoying a surge of interest from jazz players excited to explore its enhanced tonal spectrum. Form meets function, and any discerning player will delight in the Platinum’s perfect blend of unparalleled performance and visual beauty.

Of course, the Rovner® ligature you choose will be based on your own set-up, playing style and preferred sound.

If you are unsure of the size that you require please go here or bring your mouthpiece to us so we can fit the correct one for your mouthpiece.


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