Pre-Loved Theo Wanne Ebonite Soprano Sax Mouthpiece GAIA #8


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DR TOOT Brass & Woodwind Specialist present a
pre-loved (used / secondhand) Theo Wanne ebonite GAIA soprano sax mouthpiece

Theo Wanne is a well-known saxophone mouthpieces maker in
USA. He released the GAIA series mouthpieces in 2009, the GAIA2 was released in
2015 and the GAIA3 in 2020.

This particular mouthpiece is the first series of

It’s said that the GAIA Soprano has revolutionized the soprano
sax world.  It has modern projection, but
a full rich, fat, and robust sound never before heard from a soprano
mouthpiece. Theo Wanne has profoundly combined vintage and modern mouthpiece
design for a breakthrough in soprano mouthpiece design.

The GAIA tends towards a traditional Jazz taste.  The GAIA has a slight roll-over baffle,
precision-sculpted inner sidewalls, and the large chamber for a simply huge and
alive vintage sound.

FYI, the current series GAIA3 brand new soprano sax
mouthpiece retails over NZ$700.00 in USA.

Tip Opening: 8 (0.070”)

Handcrafted in USA

Condition: Very good – No cracks/No tips.

NB:  The mouthpiece
has been chemical cleaned and sanitized carefully.


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