Neotech Soft Harness with Swivel Hook (Black)



DR TOOT presents a brand new Neotech Soft Harness with Swivel Hook for most saxophones.

Neotech Soft Harness™ is not only functional but extremely comfortable!

The revolutionary Neotech Soft Harness™ uses neoprene reinforced with an elastic support system which carries the burden of a heavy instrument while enhancing the musician’s freedom of movement.

No longer do musicians have to be restricted by confining harness designs. Soft Harness™ is ideal for musicians in marching bands or individuals with back or neck problems.

Neotech’s patented weight reduction system does it again!

– Fits most saxophones

– A design for men, women and youth

– Easy to attach with a unique swivel guard hook or loop connector

Two sizes are available – Regular or XL

Swivel Guard: The leading cause of hook breakage is when a hook lodges sideways against the instrument putting excess torque and pressure on it.

Made in the USA



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