Légère Signature Baritone Sax Synthetic Reed



DR TOOT introduces the Légère Signature Series unfiled cut synthetic reed for Baritone saxophone.

Légère reeds are made from polypropylene, which is approved by the FDA for use in direct food contact applications, so their reeds are completely safe to use.

They process their polymer in a special way that lines up the molecules themselves in order to precisely match the stiffness and density of moist cane.

Légère do not add glass fibres or any chemicals.

Some characteristics of their material:

  • It doesn’t have to be preconditioned before playing
  • It does not absorb water
  • It is completely non-toxic
  • It can be sanitized
  • It is extremely tough and it will last a long, long time

A bright and stable reed coloured with a full spectrum of overtones. The reed is very responsive and articulate.

The Signature Series for Saxophone is the recommended cut for players in solo, classical, or jazz studio settings.

Made in Canada

NB: The price is for one synthetic reed.


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