Légère Signature Bb Clarinet Synthetic Reed



DR TOOT presents the Légère Signature Bb Clarinet Synthetic Reed.

The Signature for clarinet reeds are perfectly centred.

They produce a warm, rich tone in all registers of the instrument.

They are cut thinner and are stiffer than natural cane generating a clear, focused sound requiring minimum effort from the player.

The Signature’s flexibility produces a wide range of colourful overtones.

Their free blowing nature and ease of articulation is ideal for players in all genres.

The Legere Bb Clarinet Signature Synthetic Reed features include:

  • Instant response
  • Consistent and reliable
  • Tough, durable and long lasting
  • Single reed ONLY

ALL Légère clarinet reeds provide instant response, are highly durable and consistent every time.

Check now on the cane vs. Légère Sound Challenge.


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