Légère French Cut Bb Clarinet Synthetic Reed



DR TOOT introduces the new Légère French Cut Bb Clarinet Synthetic Reed.

Introducing the French Cut, by Légère.

A refined, symphonic reed that gives players a richness and stability in tone, without any sacrifice to response.

With a profile that has been completely reimagined, the French Cut has been designed for a dark, centered tone that allows for a deep range of emotional expression.

The reed is responsive but even, with the perfect amount of resistance.


At the heart of the French Cut lies a meticulously considered profile, designed with precision to elevate the classical and orchestral playing experience. The European and American Cuts concentrate material in the center to emphasize higher overtones, the French Cut boasts a more even distribution of material across its vamp. Yet, it maintains a thinner tip, striking the perfect balance: the responsiveness that artists require, paired with just the right touch of resistance.

This thoughtful design not only suppresses excessive high overtones but also enriches the sound with a fuller, more resonant body. The result? A reed that speaks authentically to tradition, while bringing forth a nuanced depth and warmth tailored for the grandest stages and most discerning of classical performers.


The journey to create the French Cut was rigorous. It began with the joining of advanced scientific research and appreciation for the art of woodwind music. Through countless iterations, each design was refined, taking cues from the feedback and demands of dedicated performers.

Understanding that many players have tried our European and American Cuts and still gravitated towards other reeds, we wanted to create something that specifically addressed these players needs. The goal was clear: to craft a synthetic reed that not only mimics but surpasses the qualities of traditional cane. By continuously listening and adapting to what players were asking for, the French Cut was born—bridging the gap between past preferences and the promise of innovation.


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