DR TOOT’s Gonzalez Duo Pack – GD Clarinet




NB: Generally speaking, all Gonzalez reeds are grated harder than most other makers’ reeds. So, when choosing a size, please take this in consideration. Thanks.

DR TOOT presents a DR TOOT’s Gonzalez Duo Pack –  You can purchase Gonzalez reeds from a minimum of two – If you are not sure which size to select, or you are not familiar with Gonzalez reeds, this is a chance for you to try different sizes. 

GD Bb clarinet reeds are made from a cane with a classic French Cut.  They are made with a thicker blank and a larger diameter material than the standard clarinet reeds.  This material are normally used in the manufacture of alto saxophone reeds.  This give a much deeper sound.  They are the first Gonzalez reeds with a Filed Cut.

The reed has a longer scraping area and more wood in the heel, therefore is a more vibrant and lasting reed.

All Gonzalez reeds are hand selected, and FREE of pesticides and chemical products.


Regarding the comparison size of Gonzalez Reeds compared to others, please refer to the reed chart here: http://www.gonzalezreeds.com/english/faqs.html


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