Bambú Hand Woven Ligatures (Bb Clarinet)



Bambú’s famous colourful hand woven ligatures are now available from DR TOOT.

Bambú’s hand-woven ligatures are handmade with highly-resistant synthetic fibres. The weaving process used for their fabrication guarantees that they will never stretch. The fibres are 100% synthetic, and it is for this reason that these ligatures are long-lasting and easy to clean.

Their ligatures are entirely hand-made and are exposed to several testing processes in order to guarantee their perfect termination. The adjustable system also provides an easy placement on the mouthpiece and fixes the reed perfectly to fit each musician’s preferences.

When used for the clarinets, these ligatures have the characteristics of darkening the sound and facilitating the performance of the highest notes.

Handmade in Argentina

Available colours from DR TOOT:

  • AC02  Burgundy
  • AC05  Sapphire Blue
  • AC07  Silver
  • AC09  Midnight Green
  • AC11  Purple
  • AC12  Multi Colour


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