Backun Vocalise CG Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece


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A custom mouthpiece for Corrado Giuffredi, the Maestro
himself, the Vocalise CG was designed by renowned craftsman, Richard Hawkins to
replicate the playing characteristics of crystal in a mouthpiece that is
machined to unbelievably high tolerances.

Crafted from a proprietary clear synthetic material, the
Vocalise CG Mouthpiece is Open/Long, while giving players a flexible and
vibrant tone. Vocalise CG Mouthpieces are manufactured using the most
technologically advanced nine-axis machining available today.

For those looking for a mouthpiece that articulates with
ease and holds a clear quality of sound at extreme volumes, this model delivers
on stage and in the studio.

Like all Vocalise Mouthpieces, the CG model is
exceptionally versatile and adaptable to a wide range of playing styles, and is
suitable for both synthetic and cane reeds, alike.


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