Backun Corrado Signature Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece


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***NEW IN NEW ZEALAND*** DR TOOT presents the Backun Corrado Signature Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece.

Maestro Corrado Giuffredi knows no bounds and this mouthpiece proves it. A traditional bore design with a more open/long facing, the Corrado Signature is a gorgeous take on a flexible centred tone and is crafted on marbled green hard rod rubber. With playable ease and smoothness across registers, this model yields an altissimo that produces wonderfully strong overtones and rich character.

Tip Opening: 1.20mm

Includes: Corrado Signature Series Mouthpiece, three sets of O-Rings (S/M/L), one Fix-It Tool and one mouthpiece patch

“Like great vino or balsamico, it has taken years for this mouthpiece to become what it is. Balanced and vibrant, with comfort throughout the entire range. I hope you love this mouthpiece as much as I do.” – Corrado Giuffredi


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