BAC Handcraft Series PASEO Trombone


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DR TOOT Brass & Woodwind Specialist present the BAC Handcraft Series PASEO Trombone .

One of the oldest and most important Boulevards in Kansas City, ‘The Paseo’, was a result of the “City Beautiful” movement and came about in the 1890’s. This beautiful stretch of road cut through what is known today as Kansas City’s ‘Historic Jazz District’. In tribute to a road that so many iconic Jazz musicians traveled on during the birth and evolution of America’s music, we present ‘The Paseo Model’.

Paseo Trombone is targeting a musician who craves a rich, complex sound with plenty of core, the Paseo Model Trombone features a full copper Reso-Tempered Bell. The one-piece seamless bell is spun out to 8″. The outside slide tubes are hard drawn yellow brass alloy, with a ‘D’ shaped handslide crook, and comes in a .500”/.508” dual bore. The instrument features a nickel silver neckpipe, which compliments the flexibility and enhances articulation. This design provides leading artist the ability to achieve a brilliant, flexible instrument with an unusually even response in the complete range. Paired with the warmth and colorful tonal qualities, this instrument meets the need of a wide range of virtuosic musicians.

  • 500”/.508” Bore
  • 8” Copper Seamless Reso-Tempered Bell
  • Williams “6” Leadpipe
  • .405” Venturi
  • Yellow Brass Dual Radius Main Tuning Slide
  • Bright Finish
  • Protec Pro-Pac Contoured Case

Comes with a  black Protec Straight/F-Attachment Tenor Trombone PRO PAC Case, Yamaha Trombone Maintenance Kit to the value of $80.

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