Arnolds & Sons® Cornet Mouthpieces



DR TOOT Brass & Woodwind Specialist presents the Arnolds & Sons® Cornet mouthpieces.

Arnolds & Sons® Mouthpieces are exact copies of the famous American originals.

Arnolds & Sons® mouthpieces are manufactured using state-of-the-art production methods that guarantee consistent high quality.

Through the consistent high quality standards, tolerances between the same models are almost completely excluded.

Please note that with ascending numbers the cup depth gets flatter and the cup diameter smaller.

Generally speaking, the larger the mouthpiece the more demanding for the player.

Made in Germany

Finish:  Silver-plated

In order to make your choice easier, please note the following model descriptions:

  • 1 C Medium Medium wide Large diameter, medium cup – good for all-around use.
  • 1¼ C Medium Medium wide Large cup for powerful trumpeters. Compact tone of great carrying power. Ideal for players who regularly change between Bb, C, and D, trumpets.
  • 1½ C Medium Medium wide Large diameter medium cup – good for all-round use. Not too sharp. For players with muscular lips.
  • 2½ C Medium Medium wide, lower toward the outside Large cup; brilliant heroic, crisp C trumpet tone. For players with strong muscular lips. Ideal for orchestral playing.
  • 3 C Medium Medium Fairly large cup, good for all-around use.
  • 5 C Medium Medium, lower toward the outside For players with a strong embouchure who do not like a sharp edge. The tone is lively and rich. Good for theatre and symphonic work.
  • 7 C Medium Medium, lower toward the outside sharp inside, rounded edge Probably the most widely used model in the world. Its brilliant tone is preferred by young players and artists alike. Ideal for beginners.
  • 7 CW Medium Like 7C, but slightly wider, lower toward the outside The same as N0 7C but with a comfortable cushion rim contour. Very practical for strenuous work and players with large lips.
  • 10½ C Medium Medium wide Fine high register, resonating low register. Particularly useful for players without a strong embouchure. Ideal for C trumpet, solo work and dance music.
  • 10 U Medium Wide Similar to 1¼C and 1½C but with wider rim.
  • 10 T Medium Wide Similar to 10½C but with wider rim. DC Very flat Medium wide Double-cup mouthpiece, especially suited for Jazz.


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