Andrew Doyle Barrel – Yaka without Rings 66mm


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barrel may be the smallest section of the clarinet, but it can have a huge
impact on your sound and intonation..and tune. If you love your clarinet and
your mouthpiece but still can’t quite find the sound you want, maybe you should
consider trying different barrels – It may be surprised yourself !


clarinet wooden barrels by Andrew Doyle are available from DR TOOT Brass &
Woodwind Specialist.


is a professional clarinet performer on modern and historical clarinets, who
has studied historical clarinet making with esteemed clarinet maker Soren Green.
He is now based in Sydney, Australia. Using locally sourced Australian timbers,
Andrew has discovered a variety of different timbers with qualities for amazing


Modern clarinet barrels hand-crafted to exactly match the
bore, mouthpiece and top joint of your clarinet, such as Yamaha, Backun,


particular barrel is made of Yaka – A favourite amongst orchestral players,
capable of projecting over an orchestra with no harsh edge to the tone. A full
body to the sound with exceptional warmth in even the highest register. 


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