New Stock Arriving Soon !

The following instruments will be available soon at DR TOOT !

Please note that we are experiencing the delays for the shipments from Japan and also due to our current workloads, the instruments will be ready and listed as soon as we can.

Pre-Loved Instruments:

Buffet A Clarinet RC – SOLD

Yamaha Bb Clarinet YCL450 – SOLD

Buffet Bb Clarinet E13 – Listed

Yamaha Bb Clarinet Custom SEV YCL853Vll (less than 2 years old and near new condition) – Listed

Buffet Bb Clarinet R13SPGL Green Line – SOLD before listed

Yanagisawa Curved Soprano Sax with Twin Neck (1990) – In Stock | Listing Soon – Click here to sneak peek !

Yamaha Alto Saxophone YAS34 – Older intermediate model – In Stock | Listing Soon

Yamaha Alto Saxophone YAS475 – Previous model of YAS480

Yamaha Alto Saxophone YAS62 with G1 Neck – Previous model of the current YAS62 – In Stock | Listing Soon

Yamaha Alto Saxophone YAS62S with 62 Neck – Current YAS62 and Silver Plated

Yamaha Tenor Saxophone YTS62 with 62 Neck – SOLD before listed

Yamaha Tenor Saxophone YTS61 – In Stock | Listing in January – Click here to sneak peek !

Saxgourmet Model 6 Tenor Saxophone Copper – SOLD before listed

King Super 20 Series l Tenor Saxophone (1946) – Listed

Vintage Frank Holton Baritone Saxophone – In Stock | Listing in February

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