New Stock Arriving Soon !

The following instruments will be available soon at DR TOOT !

Pre-Loved Instruments:

Pearl Flute PF761REB – SOLD

Yamaha Bb Clarinet YCL255 – Listed

Yamaha Bb Clarinet YCL450 – Listed

Buffet E11 Bb Clarinet – Listed

Yamaha Bb Clarinet YCL650 – Listed

Selmer Paris 10Sll Bb Clarinet (pro model) – SOLD

Yamaha Bb Clarinet Custom SEV (pro model)- Listed

Martin Committee ll Alto Saxophone (1923)

Martin Committee lll The Official Music Man Alto Saxophone (1962) – Listed

Yamaha Alto Saxophone YAS275 (student model)

Yamaha Alto Saxophone YAS475 (intermediate model) – SOLD

Yamaha Custom Alto Saxophone YAS82Z with Custom G1 Neck

Yanagisawa Bronze Alto Saxophone A902 (pro model bronze sax) – SOLD before Listed

Yamaha Double French Horn YHR567D x 2 – SOLD (both of them have been sold before Listed – If you are looking for a French Horn, please contact us directly)

York Preference 3094 BBb Tuba (Silver Plated) – Price reduced

Brand New Instruments:

Backun Beta Bb Clarinet SP Keys with Left Eb Lever – Back in stock now !
Backun Protege Bb Clarinet SP Keys with Left Eb Lever- In stock now !

Chateau Alto Saxophone CAS22GL x 2 – Back in stock now !

Selmer Paris Supreme Alto Saxophone – In stock now !

Selmer Paris Axos Tenor Saxophone – Back in stock now !

BAC Portland Bb Trumpet – Back in stock now !

BAC New York City Bb Trumpet (Silver Plated) – Back in stock now !

BAC Artist Series San Francisco Bb/F Trombone – In stock now !

Brand new Mouthpieces:

Berg Larsen Tenor Sax Stainless Steel Mouthpiece 110/2 SMS – Listed

Denis Wick Heritage Cornet Mouthpiece 4B – Listed

Denis Wick Heritage Trombone Mouthpiece 6AL – Listed

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