New Arrivals at DR TOOT !

Pre-Loved Instruments:

Yamaha Flute YFL311 (Very popular Advanced Student Model with Silver HJ) – Listing Soon

Yamaha Bb Clarinet YCL450 (Current Intermediate Model)

Yamaha Bb Clarinet YCL650 (Current Professional Model)

Yamaha Bb Clarinet Custom CX YCL851ll (Handmade Custom Model)

Yamaha Alto Saxophone YAS62 with 62 Neck (Current Professional Model) – Listing Soon

Yanagisawa Alto Saxophone AWO2 (Current Bronze Model)

Yamaha Tenor Saxophone YTS62 with G1 Neck (Professional Model) – Arriving Soon

Yamaha Bb/F Tenor Trombone YSL456G (Current Intermediate Model)

Brand New Instruments:

Backun Protégé Bb Grenadilla Clarinet SP Keys with Left Eb Lever – Please click here to read the fabulous review posted by a very happy customer who purchased the clarinet recently.

Selmer Paris Limited Series Supreme “Model 2022” Alto Saxophone (641 saxophones only) – YES, we secured one and it’s coming to New Zealand !!! (It will be arriving in April/May)

BAC Apprentice Tenor Trombone

BAC Apprentice Select Plus Bb/F Trombone SL550 Lacquer

BAC Apprentice Select Plus Bb/F Trombone SL550 Silver

BAC Artiest Series Eliot Maison Trombone

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