Yamaha Bb/F Tenor Trombone YSL456G


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DR TOOT Brass & Woodwind Instrument Specialist presents a pre-loved (used / secondhand) Yamaha Bb/F Tenor Trombone YSL456G.

It is a current intermediate model trombone by Yamaha in Japan.  The YSL456G features beautiful powerful tone, easy playability, and a balanced response.

It has got a very smooth slide – clear and powerful sound. This trombone is suitable for any kind of music – Classical, Jazz, Rock, brass band, pops…etc.

This particular trombone is near 4 years old, and it has just been serviced, set up and tested by Sean aka DR TOOT.

Made in Japan

Serial No: 723621


Top mint condition like new.


One year service check by DR TOOT


Bore: Dual 12.70mm/13.34mm

Bell:  Two pieces / Gold brass – 204mm (8”)

Finish:  Lacquer Finish

Bb/F Trigger

Comes with an original Yamaha case, Yamaha mouthpiece 48, cleaning rod, new Yamaha trombone slide oil, new Yamaha tuning slide grease, new Yamaha cleaning gauze, and new DR TOOT cleaning cloth.


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