Silencer for Saxes and Clarinets by Jazzlab


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DR TOOT present a brand new Silencer – The Magic Mouthpiece Exercises by Jazzlab.

Would you like to improve your sound ?

Mouthpiece exercises for woodwinds are one of the best methods to continually improve the sound. Furthermore, one can train the embouchure, the breathing and the articulation optimally.

Daily exercises – 5 minutes are enough – are the key to a higher level of sound and intonation on the instrument. Through mouthpiece exercises you train exactly those muscles that are crucial to the playing of a saxophone or a clarinet:

– for the sound

– for the intonation

– for special effects as vibrato or bending

– for high tones

No more complaints from your neighbors or family !

With a put-on mouthpiece-mute the volume is reduced significantly – Reduces the volume by 14 to 20 decibels! In other words: The volume heard by a human is 5 to 10 times quieter. The fact is, you hear the volume a multiple quieter with the silencer. You can practice very quietly at any time – whether night or day….and at any place!

Silencer is NAMM-2012 (National Association of Music Merchants, USA) award winner as “Best Tools for Schools”

The box contains:

– silencer with couplings for soprano sax, alto sax, tenor sax, baritone sax, clarinet 1 and clarinet 2

– handbook with instructions and practice exercises

– DVD with introduction and 40 minutes educational video

Developed in Switzerland

Made in EC

Watch here

Watch here


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