Rovner Platinum Ligature – Soprano Sax


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DR TOOT presents a brand new Rovner Platinum Ligature for Soprano Saxophone.

The Platinum Ligature is a Rovner’s first all metal ligature.

Looking more like artistic jewelry than a woodwind accessory, this new ligature utilizes Rovner’s exclusive Mass Loaded TM technology, featuring weighted elements which tune the ligature’s resonance band below the pass band of the instrument.

No other ligature has a big, warm, and responsive tone with such a phenomenal degree of control.  Played softly (pianissimo) or loudly (triple forte), this ligature effortlessly yields a noticeable evenness of scale.  It will bolster and solidify the lower register of both clarinets and saxophones, and saxophonists will also notice enhanced facility and response when playing the very bottom notes.

Capable of converting a thin, bodiless sound into something with substance and warmth, the Platinum will simply amaze you…

Made in USA
Patent #7,863,509

Comes with a black plastic cap.


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