Rovner Ligature & Cap Set for Tenor Sax



DR TOOT presents the Rovner Ligature and Cap for Tenor saxophone Hard Rubber mouthpieces.

Rovner (Made in USA) – innovators in Clarinet and Saxophone Ligature Technology for the last 36 years.

Used by renowned Classical, Jazz , Blues and Rock artists.

There are many imitations – but there is only one Rovner !

Fits all hard rubber & plastic standard tenor sax mouthpiece and slim baritone sax mouthpieces (Rico Royal, Berg Larsen…etc) 

Two types are available at DR TOOT – please choose from one of them. 

1. LIGHT (L-2R)(L8): Designed for the player desiring a more contemporary sound. Responsive and free-playing, it is especially appreciated by jazz musicians who are afforded a full range of musical expression for improvisation. 

2. DARK (2R): Assists in producing a full, centred tone. While technologically superior, its sound is similar to the sound produced by the age-old string ligature. Enjoyed especially by classical performers for its warm sound. 


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