Pre-Loved Buffet E13 A & Bb Clarinet Pair


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DR TOOT introduces to you the absolutely stunning pair of Pre-Loved Buffet E13 A & Bb Clarinets.

The name E13 is legendary for a clarinet that has never changed in 40 years.

With its origins in the BC20 – the clarinet played by Jacques Lancelot – the E13 has accompanied amateurs and advanced musicians to conservatories, music schools and wind orchestras the world over.

Made from the best pieces of Mozambican grenadilla wood and assembled in the brand’s own workshops, this clarinet has all the technical characteristics of the professional line: silver keywork and plating, blue steel springs, screwed-in pillars, threaded screws and natural cork lining the joints.

Pre-owned in near mint condition, this instrument has been very carefully looked after.

Supplied with:

  • Original E13 case
  • Original mouthpiece
  • 3 Barrels
  • 1 Pull Through
  • Cork Grease

Recommended by music teachers because of their easy response and remarkable accuracy, these clarinets help the musician to develop their musical talent.

The Buffet E13 Bb clarinet is an excellent and very popular intermediate clarinet made entirely of African blackwood, granadilla, known for its resonance and stability, making it an ideal material for musical instruments.

The Buffet E13 is a high quality instrument and is at the top of Buffet Crampon student range. The precision bore is close to that of a professional instrument and the high position means resistance is lowered.

***Serviced by DR TOOT

A Clarinet SN: K74244

Bb Clarinet SN: K25359


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