Otto Link Super Tone Master Alto Sax Metal Mouthpiece 7


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In 1931, Otto Link introduced the Master Link, a large-chambered metal saxophone mouthpiece with a low baffle and a small tip opening. Boasting a rich, deep sound, the Master Link was adopted by jazz tenor saxophone luminaries, Ben Webster and Coleman Hawkins.

With such significant endorsements, Otto Link mouthpieces shot to the top of the industry, remaining a staple for nearly a century, with luminary players such as Stan Getz, Hank Mobley, and Dexter Gordon subsequently turning to Otto Link to help them achieve their signature tones.

Modern Otto Link metal saxophone mouthpieces continue this storied tradition of high-quality craftsmanship.

Plated in 24K gold, the Otto Link metal saxophone mouthpiece is as visually stunning as it is aurally satisfying. And saxophonists at Sweetwater find these bell metal mouthpieces are suitable for a number of styles, from smoky jazz and smooth R&B to upbeat pop and bombastic classical music.

Large-chamber design paired with a low baffle for producing complex tones.

Made in USA

Material: Metal

Finish: 24K Gold-plated

Tip Opening: 0.085″

Comes with a ligature and cap as per photo.



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