Laskey Tuba – G Series (Recommended for Rotary Valve Tubas)



Like the instrument, Laskey Tuba Mouthpieces are a
towering presence in low brass playing. With a thicker sound and more complex
geometry, every aspect of a Laskey Tuba Mouthpiece, from the iconic rim to the
exterior shape and cup, has been carefully designed to provide the clear
articulation, precise slotting, and crisp response.

The Geib-style G Series produces a more brilliant sound
than the H Series and works incredibly well on rotary valve tubas.

Forensic analysis
was conducted to guarantee the same brass alloys as vintage Laskey Mouthpieces.

Precise CNC
for incredible consistency and accuracy using industry-leading

Intense focus on
with 3D engraving and a three-layer plating process for unparalleled

American (US) Tuba

Most American made and styled instruments

Top: 15.44mm/0.608″

Bottom: 13.31mm/0.524″

Taper Angle: 1.41 degrees

European (EU) Tuba

Fits many European made and styled instruments, with the
exception being most 6/4 CC tubas, which require the EU shank

Top: 15.85mm/0.624″

Bottom: 13.77mm/0.542″

Taper Angle: 1.37 degrees

NB: Gold plated mouthpieces will be available with
special order.


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