Jupiter Mini (Soprano) Trombone/Slide Trumpet SST-314


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DR TOOT Brass & Woodwind Instrument Specialist present a pre-loved (used / second hand) Jupiter Mini (Soprano) Trombone/Slide Trumpet SST-314 from 90s.

Tuned to Bb, one octave above a standard tenor trombone. Uses a trumpet mouthpiece.

Owing to its small size, this versatile instrument is sometimes used as an introduction to playing the trombone as it can be held by those with small hands. Also holding some novelty value for trumpet players its trumpet slide enables players to perform glisses especially useful in jazz solos.

It has been serviced, set up and tested by Sean aka DR TOOT.

Serial No: 84109

Made in Taiwan


Very good – No dents. There are minor scratches and lacquer wears on body and slide. Please refer to the photos.


One year service check by DR TOOT

Comes with an original woodshell case, Jupiter trumpet mouthpiece 7C, new Bach trombone slide cream and new DR TOOT cleaning cloth.


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