Forestone HINOKI Tenor Sax Reed



DR TOOT presents a brand new Forestone Hinoki synthetic reed for tenor saxophone.

It is a Jazz cut hybrid reed in ivory color and comes with an individual stylish plastic black case. The reed has an even rich tonal colour and quick response – easy to play.

The Forestone Hinoki reeds are durable and unaffected by the influences of temperature, humidity and dehydration. We believe that the Hinoki reeds are suitable for wet weather in New Zealnd !

You are not into any synthetic reed ? The Hinoki reeds might change your mind and surprise yourself !

Here is a review by Steve Neff who is a well-know saxophone mouthpieces reviewer, saxophone player and teacher.

Made in Japan

Available strengths from DR TOOT: MS, M, MH, H

Size Comparisons:

MS – Vandoren Traditional 2, Rico 2.5, Gonzalez RC 2

M – Vandoren Traditional 2.5, Rico 3, Gonzalez RC 2.5

MH – Vandoren Traditional 3, Rico 3.5, Gonzalez RC 3

H – Vandoren Traditional 3.5, Rico 4, Gonzalez RC 3.5


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