Briccialdi Flute Student Model 203 Oris


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DR TOOT Brass & Woodwind Instrument Specialist are proud to present a brand new Briccialdi flute Student New Model 203 Oris from Italy directly.

This is a new version of the Model 203, which was released this year. The New Model 203 Oris has got sterling silver lip plate/riser. “Oris” means “mouth” in old Latin language.

Although this is their Student Model flute, it has many professional features not found on other student model flutes. It’s been a very popular Student Model flutes since we have imported in September 2017.

Our customers, who purchased the flute, have found that the flute is free blowing, has a great tone, and excellent tuning.

Materials:  Sterling silver with lip plate/riser sterling silver 925 for more ready, balanced and dense sound on all registers, silver plated keys, body and footjoint (German silver)

Drawn and Rolled Tone Holes:  Drawn and rolled tone holes are constructed from the flute tube itself, the flute has slightly less metal and weight than a flute with soldered tone holes. A thinner tube will generally provide a lighter, brighter sound.

Titanium Crown:  It is made of TITANIUM, oxidation resistant almost as platinum, extraordinary hardness/weight ratio. It weights about 40% less than steel but with similar resistance.

Footjoint:  C foot

E-Mechanism:  A split E mechanism allows venting only one G key while fingering high E. This facilitates production of the high E and it provides a more stable response.

Pads:  Italian Pisoni Deluxe J Yellow pads – double yellow bladder, pressed felt special treatment.

Pad Resonators:  Similar to these found on Muramatsu, Sankyo, Miyazawa and other professional flutes.

Open Holes with Plugs:  The flute can be a closed hole flute or an open hole flute.

Offset G:  The G keys are offset slightly from the rest of the keys, mounted on their own posts, separate from the other keys. A growing number of flutists prefer the comfort and hand position on the offset G flute.

Angled G# Key:  Similar to Muramatsu flutes.

French Pointed Arms:  A key design that connects keys to the rod with a raised, pointed arm which extends to the centre of the key. Also referred as “Styled keys”. It gives more strength to the keys.

Made in Italy

All flutes are pre-checked, set up and tested by a flute specialist, Taka (HIBKIKI Woodwind Instrument Specialist).

Manufacture Warranty:  2 years against manufacturing defects.

Service Warranty:  One year service check by DR TOOT

Comes with a French style case with carry bag with strap, a cleaning rod, a cleaning gauze and a cleaning cloth.


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