Bambú Padded Leather Neck Strap for Bb Clarinet CAC01 Black Medium


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DR TOOT presents the Bambú Padded Leather Neck Strap for Bb Clarinet. SKU: CAC01 Colour: Black Size: Medium

Bambú’s Leather Neckstraps are made of first-quality Argentinian leather. Both the Double Leather model and the Padded leather model provide a comfortable soft sensation on the neck and stability for the instrument. Bambú’s innovative model of neck straps stands out mostly for its exclusive adjustment system. Its bronze easy-slide adjuster has a smooth, shiny and highly-resistant surface due to its chrome plating and hand polish.

The Padded Leather Model is elaborated with one  leather strap stitched over a soft padded material which gives a smooth and pleasing skin feel. This inner strap is made of hypoallergenic fibres, which prevents skin irritation. After a few weeks of use, the leather neckpiece conforms to the shape of the neck, thus becoming much more comfortable.


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