BAC “Apprentice Select Plus” Trombone SL500 Silver Plated


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DR TOOT Brass & Woodwind Specialist present a brand new Apprentice Series Select Trombone SL500 by BAC Music in Kansas City, USA.

Designed to provide the quality, functionality, and features typically only found with professional level instruments, while providing a considerable cost savings for the artist.

While the 500 Select Series trombones are similar in design aesthetically, they provide two unique solutions to a wide variety of musicians. The BAC-SL500 “Select” Model offers a smaller dual bore
with F-Attachment.

This model is ideal for a younger musician who might want to start band with the advantages an F-Attachment offers. While at the same time the .500/.525″ dual bore provides an incredible solution for a jazz trombone doubler who might enjoy the compact and powerful sound a smaller bore offers, while facilitating the needs required with the F-Attachment.

– .500/.525″ Dual Bore

– Semi Open Wrap F Attachment

– 8″ Yellow Brass Bell

– Reso-Tempered Bell

– Nickel-Silver Handslide

– Yellow Brass Tuning Slide

– Polished Lightweight Lacquer

– B.A.C. Pro-Line Series Deluxe Case

1 review for BAC "Apprentice Select Plus" Trombone SL500 Silver Plated

  1. Walter Smith

    I have just purchased a BAC Apprentice Series Bb/F dual bore trombone new, through Sean (Dr Toot). Having played a series of different trombones over many years I wanted a trombone that encompassed both a dark sound as well as bright and joyous sound. The BAC delivers right across the range of 3 plus octaves. The slide action is like glass and the trigger has a quiet smooth positive action. Thank you Sean for recommending and organising this wonderful instrument. Your service and follow up is absolutely amazing. As amazing as the BAC trombone.

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